Math, writing, science, history, reading, handwriting–all of those subjects are essential in building a strong, successful student. But at Genesis Elementary, we believe that every student needs more than the mechanics of learning. They need the chance to explore and learn the arts, move and exercise their bodies, and understand the changing world around them.

Our understanding of this research has shaped the way we approach teaching at Genesis Elementary. Every student, from kindergarten to 5th grade, participates in weekly enrichment classes to help them develop in every way possible.


The Art program at Genesis Elementary provides students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Art classes expose students to various art forms, encourage them to explore their own artistic abilities, and help them develop an appreciation for the arts. Genesis Elementary students frequently submit original works of art to local art shows. Many students have won awards for their participation.


Every student at Genesis Elementary uses technology throughout their daily lessons and in their classrooms. In addition, all students participate in technology classes as part of their enrichment experience. The focus of technology classes is to prepare students for success in higher education by promoting knowledge of and proficiency in programs that are widely used in education and the job world. All Genesis Elementary students learn basic coding and typing skills through code.org and typing.com curriculum. In these activities, students learn the logic of coding, algorithms, debugging, typing, etc. Students in 2nd through 5th grade also learn word processing skills in the Microsoft Office Suite. 4th and 5th grade students navigate Powerpoint and learn how to create presentations. 5th grade learns basic Excel as well as basic sound editing, using Audacity software.


In Music, students explore and learn the fundamentals of music literacy and performance. The sequential skills taught are supported by the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Curriculum begins with a focus on steady beat and rhythm reading skills that are appropriate for each grade level. Students later move into reading pitch notation and sight singing. Grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade focus more on vocal music, movement, and music literacy. In 3rd grade, students build upon these skills by using 5-gallon buckets to improvise and perform rhythms and polyrhythmic music. 4th and 5th grade students demonstrate their musical literacy through Music K-8’s Recorder Karate program and through hand chime group participation. All students prepare for and participate in at least two musical performances a year.


The Spanish program at Genesis Elementary focuses on language, culture, and motivational units. Speaking and listening stays the focus of kindergarten through second grade, an oral-aural approach that is most appropriate for their age. Beginning in third grade, reading and writing Spanish is introduced. Stories, songs, dance, crafts, and games solidify students’ growing Spanish understanding and also teach them about new cultures.


Physical activity is an essential component of the Genesis Elementary day. Students at every level participate in athletic activities aimed at developing gross motor skills and coordination along with good sportsmanship. Team sports such as kickball, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, lacrosse, and hockey are some of the ways that these physical goals are achieved. Every student is expected to participate and encourage others.


Reading is an essential component of any successful curriculum, and our Genesis Elementary library offers students the chance to find new ways to explore the written word. Students learn essential research skills, connect their classroom learning to the books and materials they find in the library, and add to their own libraries through regular book fairs.