The dress code for Genesis Elementary is fairly straightforward. All Genesis Elementary students are asked to wear a school polo shirt to school Monday through Thursday and t-shirts or other clothing with the Genesis logo/insignia may be worn on Friday, which is Spirit Day.

The following further dress code guidelines should be followed by all Genesis Elementary school students at all times:

  • Students must be well-groomed and dressed appropriately
  • Hair must be neatly combed and off the face; boys’ hair must be no longer than dress shirt collar length
  • No extreme hairstyles or colored are permitted (examples: spikes or Mohawk cuts)
  • Male students may not wear earrings to school
  • Jeans are acceptable, but they must not be frayed, faded, or have holes
  • Shorts and skorts must be at least finger tip length; dresses and skirts must have shorts underneath
  • Spandex, tight, or oversized clothing are not permissible
  • Improper slogans on clothing are not permissible
  • No flip-flops, clogs, or open-toed shoes are not permissible for safety reasons