Learning is greatly facilitated when children feel safe, secure, and self-confident. Therefore, the basic goal of Genesis School is to establish a warm and loving environment in which we can teach children the right way to handle situations.

From time to time, it becomes necessary to redirect the actions of a child in a positive way. The child may be asked to sit out of a particular lesson or activity to reflect upon the proper behavior, or the child may be given an alternative activity. These measures are always taken to give the child time to think about his own actions, which helps the child to advance to more responsible independence.

The following behaviors are unacceptable and will result in an incident report being sent home and/or a telephone call from the teacher. Repeated infractions will require a parent/teachers/administrator conference and may result in early dismissal, suspension, or expulsion from school.

  • Inappropriate language: cursing, name calling, etc.
  • Teasing or taunting other students
  • Physical violence of any type: hitting, pushing, biting, kicking, etc.
  • Disrespect for authority

Teachers are encouraged to communicate daily with parents through notes or conferences. For a problem requiring an incident report, parents are notified by receiving a copy of the report on the day of the occurrence. A copy of the report is sent to the Principal on the same day. The parent will be notified by phone to discuss an appropriate action. If necessary, a conference will be scheduled with the teacher and/or Principal.

At no time will a child be punished with spanking, withdrawing food, naptime, or toilet training. Children are disciplined by the use of positive role modeling and forms of humiliation are never used.