This week on Genesis Elementary School’s ONN, our Kindergarten class showed us their rhyming skills in honor of Dr. Seuss Day coming up the next week. They did a wonderful job.

In other news, the 9th Annual George Washington Day was held on our campus last Friday and did we have fun!  We got to see the 3rd & 4th Graders showing off their skills as they danced the Cumberland Square and the Virginia Reel. Before that, the Kinder class showed us games that were played by colonial children, while the First Graders told us all about George Washington as a boy.  Second Grade showed us how to send secret messages just like George Washington!  Then, students in Grades 2-5 formed the Hall of Presidents as each represented one of the 45 presidents of the United States.

Everyone had a chance to enter the lottery and congratulations go out to the LaVoy Family for winning at the Hall of Presidents!

Did you get a chance to see our youngest Patriots – our preschoolers – marching around the field playing their drums?  They were so cute and everyone did a fine job!

Later we got to visit the Yorktown Encampment and hear our talented 5th Graders tell the stories of presidents and people who made a difference in our War of Independence against the British.  Last but not least, we entered the Colonial Street to sample President Washington’s favorite lemonade and see exhibits of early American trades. We even got to make some crafts projects and solve secret codes.

The day was topped off by viewing the marvelous artwork that has been created by Genesis students throughout the years.  This year’s masterpiece is The Coloring Book of History! And we loved eating ice cream and cherry pie at the end of the program!

We wish to give special thanks to all the people who helped make our day so educational and exciting, and especially we want to thank Mr. Mark, Mr. Kim, Mr. Rob Jarrell, Genesis 5th Graders, all our wonderful teachers, and our terrific Genesis Parent Group!

Mark your calendar!  Coming up soon is the always-popular and fun-filled Strawberry Festival in downtown New Port Richey!   This is a big day for all Genesis students and their pets!  You’ll love the delicious strawberries and scrumptious strawberry shortcakes, and your pets will shine in the Fun Dog Show and show off their remarkable skill in the Doggie Adventure Walk!  Don’t forget the raffle baskets, Kids’ Zone, and lots of goodies to eat.  See you at the Strawberry Festival!